Add Ask CJ to your Community

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For Property Managers

Now you can offer upscale concierge service to your residents 24/7. Ask CJ is a personal text assistant that can answer questions about your community, make reservations and assist with maintenance issues. CJ is an extension of your team and is designed to ensure your resident happiness comes first.


Why Use ASK CJ?


Improve Resident Happiness

Provide VIP Concierge treatment to your community. Making moving in and moving out completely stress free while providing an upscale living experience.


24/7 Assistance for Maintenance Issues and Requests

Your residents can text ASK CJ maintenance issues anytime and receive self help assistance or schedule and track service requests.


Increase Communication with Residents

Property Managers can push custom text messages to individual residents or the entire community through our ASK CJ text messaging platform.


Integrates Directly with your Internal Software

ASK CJ integrates with all major prop management software and can communicate updates to residents such as late payments, service requests and move in checklists.


Drive Positive Online Reviews

Happy residents can be pushed to leave 5 star reviews on review platforms of your choice.


Increase Net Operating Income

A happy and efficiently run community equals higher rent and less turnover. Request a quote to learn how we can improve your NOI.